During the registration period for the Terminus Conference, Georgia State University accepted proposals from SGC International Members for temporary outdoor printmaking artworks/installations to be shown during the SGCI 2017 Conference at GSU’s Hurt Park.

Hurt Park is a medium sized park that features a large flat unobstructed grassy area with several trees and a fountain. It is located directly across from the GSU School of Art and Design and directly below the GSU Street Event. Visitors and SGC International members are invited to watch the artists working with medium to large-scale installations.

These projects will only be on display within the park on Friday, March 17th, 2017, between 11 am – 5 pm. Setup (installation) may begin as early as 8AM that morning.

Breakdown (de-instillation) must be no later then 10pm that night. Prints in the ParkHurt Park path

Prints in the Park Event

March 17, 11:00 AM - 6 PM

Taking place next to Gilmer Street Southeast inside Hurt Park in front of the GSU School of Art and Design.

7:00 PM: Last buses leave for the hotel from Georgia State University at 7PM. Various printmaking installations will be on display in Hurt Park throughout the afternoon.

GSU Professor Craig Dongoski’s Demo and Performance in the Park

March 17, 2017 - 12:00 AM - 4 PM

Taking place next to Gilmer Street Southeast inside Hurt Park in front of the GSU School of Art and Design.

Demo: Creating, extracting bio-feedback, and printing from Cupules.

A Common Task: Rock-Cupule (Demo, Meditation and Performance): Capules will be respectfully and deliberately created by participants on one large stone. Relief prints from these cupules will be produced as a tangible outcome during the GSU “Printmaking in the Park event”. Sophisticated Bio-Feedback will be utilized to expose and explore energy from the stone and to be used as a potential performance material. This is an active interaction with the past that has literal, mystical and ritual connotations. Because this is a time-demanding proposal, cupule-making will begin before conference.

Note: Cupules are hemispherical, cup-shaped, non-utilitarian, cultural marks that have been pounded into a rock surface by human hand. Cupules are the earliest known prehistoric art, have been found on every continent except Antarctica, and were produced during all three eras of the Stone Age - Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

Craig Dongoski is a Full Professor in Drawing, Painting & Printmaking at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Dongoski has been exploring and articulating the mark in its most basic form (both graphically and aurally) for much of his career. It is his intention that through varied interpretations of these basic marks that a contribution can be made to the art historical dialogue concerning the origins of human expression.

GSU, Saint Patricks Day Art Walk

March 17, 2017 – 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Taking place at Galleries within walking distance of Georgia State University. Multiple printmaking exhibition openings will celebrate SGC International, Atlanta. Participating Galleries include Eyedrum Gallery, Mamal Gallery, and Gallery 72. Collect limited edition hand printed coasters from the following locations in-route.