What to Wear With minimalist Yoga Pants?

Many people choose to wear boot-cut yoga pants. Actually, the general idea behind the mere concept of minimalist ‘pants’ is to have high-waist, but narrow hips. This creates the look of having a slim, lean frame while allowing for the possibility of yoga pants having a slight flare at the bottom.

Why do People Love to Wear Bootcut Yoga Pants?

If you have slightly wider hips, the boot-cut look may not only be more figure flattering, but also flatter your shape even more. As a result, you’ll find much more options when it comes to what to wear with boot-cut yoga pants. Boot-cut pants flatter just about every curve, yet are extremely versatile.

In addition to slimming, they are incredibly comfortable which makes them a good purchase if you’re on the go a lot or just want to be comfortable. When compared to skirts and yoga shorts which are designed primarily for comfort and are available in a wide variety of colors, color-block yoga pants are the most versatile.

Naturally, they provide a more fitted look, however, they also allow for the possibility of a more relaxed, flowing, regal look as well.

How to Look Good in Yoga Pants?

what to wear with bootcut yoga pants

1. Choose the right color

Color-blocking designs are available for a more artistic look. To emphasize a smaller waist more, try choosing a pair of color-blocked pants with a flare that hems slightly and falls straight down to a point just below your hips.

This type of pant style gives slightly more tightness to your feature, and the slightly flared hem keeps the attention on your lower rather than your hips.

Boot-cut pants are the most versatile among basic yoga pants as they are usually worn with a soft, flowing t-shirt and then worn correctly, they provide both comfort and style.

2. Choose the right t-thirt

As long as the t-shirt fits well and is made of a thick, high-quality fiber, it will create a very stylish look that will be pleasing to your body type. While black is the generally accepted choice of color for a basic yoga-wear, why spend money on a great top and spend less on clothing when you can have both at the same time?

You’ll still get the comfort of your choice in a mix match that will still keep you cool. Next, think about the occasion. Wear whatever is most appropriate for the occasion.

3. Choose the right shoes

At a yoga class, flip-flops and open-toed sandals are almost certain to be utterly uncomfortable, even if they’re faux-wide sandals.

If it’s rained out or a vintage-style garden party, opt for closed-toe shoes, open-toed sandals, or artist fabulous clogs, but don’t wear flimsy, thin-soled tennis shoes, no matter how pretty they are.

The cloth and the accessories are just as important as the look, be sure to choose colors that complement your other wardrobe pieces.

Buy a good cotton sweater to tuck in, and keep an eye on the color and washing trends. Often times it’s best to be a little conservative, so that’s why so many “vintage” pieces end up in thrift stores.

A basic brown, black, or white must-have is a comfortable basic for dresses, jeans, slacks or other pants. Of course, you may dare to challenge that Dynamicority girl from your class when it comes to color. If you’re going to invest, do it right.

You’ll get more of the bang for your buck if you invest in quality, comfort, fit and appearance. Check with the manufacturer for suggestions on how fabrics and colors react to your complexion. If you’re going to spend a bundle on a class Regatta, you want to be sure you’re not going to wind up with puffy and indulgent pleats that require constantly adjusting.



The more distressed the look, the more likely people will notice. When choosing your pants, do consider the colors, patterns and textures. While a “humongous” and “amb kay” green print may be cute, will you really be able to Bo Peep it up?

Chances are, if you purchase a pair of pants that don’t seem to match anything you already have…you’ll wind up refunding that money at The Gap; especially with the “trendy” washed-out looking jean…which, by the way, is still in style.